Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The beginning.

My last days in Redding have been full of the realization that I am loved and IN love! Saying bye is hard, but it's comforting to know that I will see my close friends soon. I haven't just found friends since I've been here at school, I have found family and a home. Love that goes on and on. I love to laugh with them, talk, dance, smile, dream, play, discover, adventure, travel... Life is so full when we have big families : )
This chapter is being closed and another is opening! I am excited and at peace with what's ahead.. this beuatiful journey continues.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm back!
It's been a while since I posted anything so I wanted to give and overview of my one of a kind trip to Managua and Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This was my most recent adventure. There are many more to come :)
My trip to Nicaragua was life changing. I was with a team from my school and we ministered in different parts of Nicaragua for 9 days. The people there are beautiful. Every single one of them, that I can remember, smiled when we said hello. We went to a drug rehab center where we ministered to about 150 guys, 8 women, and 10 kids. About 80 of them were saved and many encountered the love of God and their broken hearts began to heal. At the end of the service we did a fire tunnel that became a hug tunnel. The men, women, and children went through and hugged each one of us. The smiles on their faces and brightness in their eyes.. I won't forget it. Those were beautiful moments.
Another highlight for me was going to the garbage dump in Managua, the biggest city in Nicaragua. When we pulled into the dump I thought, "my dreams are coming true." Being with the poorest and dirty people, being in a dump and just loving on them - wow! I held a baby boy and within minutes he was fast asleep. I felt the joy of the Lord as I held him. Seeing Jesus in the one, in a baby boy, it filled me with joy.
For me personally, the trip was about falling more in love with the Jesus. He encountered me like never before with His love (being filled with more joy: image on right). I believe that that was the reason why I went to Nicaragua, to be in the bed of a truck for an hours or so crying and laughing. It made me realize, once again, that ministry is not about doing but about being. I continue to enjoy this journey He has me on, discovering more of who He is and who I am in HIM.
p.s. the mangoes are REALLY good in Nicaragua.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Nothing can separate me from His love, because I am HIS daughter. I am His, forever and His love for me endures forever.
The Lord has been moving so radically in the BSSM 2nd year class for the past couple of months. God is freeing people just to BE, religion is dying and individuals are having love encounters with God the father; experiences with God that have changed them from the inside out. It has been such an honor to be apart of this.
The realness of His love for me, Ashley Rae Wenth, hit me again today during outreach. Every Thursday myself and a team of 1st and 2nd year BSSM students go to a middle school and hang out with the Jr. high kids. They are amazing and always make me laugh! This is my designated time for outreach. Today, as I was sharing with the Jr. high girls about experiencing God's love, the Lord was ministering to my heart. As I spoke I realized that throughout my life, especially the past year and a half, I have been on a journey discovering who I am as His kid, His daughter. And that's what makes this journey so worth it.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Since December I have been on a journey of discovering what rest is, what it looks like, and what it means...
I was laying on my couch back home in Texas, home alone. Class was going on far away in Redding, California (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry), where I was supposed to be. My delay to returning to Redding after Christmas was unexpected. I had an Epstein Bar Virus (no need to explain) flair up and my Dr was concerned about me. What I needed was rest. He prescribed rest, some meds, rest, change of diet, and a year of rest. One of my dear friends asked me, "What does a year of rest look like?" This has been my journey since returning to school here in Redding, learning about rest and many other things.
So, back to where I was in the beginning, laying on my big brown couch.. I was listening to a message by Heidi Baker, an internationally known missionary, church planter, apostle, revivalist, world changer and a hero of mine. Something that she said in her message really stood out to me... "After 30 years of ministry I've realized that rest is a weapon." I knew that this was a weapon I needed to learn more about. In life we see many people getting burned out.. on the mission field, in their job, raising a family, but my heart is to burn forever. I want rest to be a part of my lifestyle.
I continue to learn about rest. Some days I do better than others, but I know that each day is NEW and that there is grace for each day.
Something I've been asking myself is.. What do I love to do? What gives me energy? For me, it's having alone time, having quality time with friends, collaging (picture), going on walks, playing the piano, and much more...
Ask yourself those questions.

To learn more about Heidi Baker you can go to: http://www.irismin.org/p/background.php

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here we go...

There have been a few people who have requested that I start a blog. I was hesitant thinking... "Do I really want to keep up with a blog???" After thinking about it off and on for about a year I decided to do it. I thought that it would fun to have a blog that is me just being me, a daughter of the King of Kings. I believe that knowing who we are as His sone and daughters releases us into our true identity, which changes the world around us. So, this blog is me being. Enjoy being you! You are amazing.